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Pregnancy massage at Totally Tranquil works like any other classic massage therapy but the techniques used are tailored specifically for a mum-to-be, ensuring a woman’s shape and size are catered for with the addition of pillows for support as well as the massage pressure itself.

Pregnancy massages are carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist at Totally Tranquil

At Totally Tranquil we have a special interest in Women’s Health and Pregnancy so the information and advice we give during your treatment is professional, up to date and realistic. Where relevant we will give you additional exercises to complement your massage and, if needed, we will also liaise with your GP, Midwife or Consultant.

Pregnancy massage is suitable from 14 weeks


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage can include:

Reduce tension in neck, shoulders and lower back
Stimulates the lymphatic system to help ease fluid retention, particularly in the lower legs,
Relief of general aches and pains which are often caused by ligaments around the body  stretching as the pregnancy progresses
Nourishment to skin to help minimise stretch marks and improve any pigmentation/
General relaxation and stress relief

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Totally Tranquil is run by Lindsey and Danielle

We have watched lots of friends fall pregnant in that time. We would as you would expect pass on our knowledge, advice and exercises as needed. And there our special interest began I’m women’s health, maternity and post natal care.

 We set up Totally Tranquil in 2010  and we soon realised that lots of pregnant women around us simply wanted to be pampered a little. They didn’t have a problem pain as such, which required Physio treatment, but they just wanted their general aches and pains easing out with a lovely massage and some general relaxation time.

From 2011 we started to offer a dedicated pregnancy massage service which has gone from strength to strength. 

The other part of our Maternity Physio Service is treating women who have Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). We see a lot of PGP which often only requires one session of Physio to provide some gentle manual therapy to the pelvis, exercise and appropriate/ relevant advice. It really does make a significant difference and it is great to see these women walking around the local community rather than hobbling and struggling with day to day tasks.

We hope to keep on making a difference and to work with more great women for a long time to come.

Totally Tranquil – Physiotherapy and Complementary Therapy
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