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My eldest daughter was 2 when I fell pregnant again. It took a 3-4 months to get pregnant this time so I was delighted to pee on a stick and get those blue lines.

First Trimester: tired, busy, well

I knew more of what to expect second time round and I wasn’t as nervous. I don’t remember any nausea or sickness but I do remember the tiredness and the headaches. With working, training to be an antenatal teacher and looking after my toddler, I didn’t have any time to focus on how tired I was, I just had to get on although bedtime was when I fell asleep putting my daughter to bed.

Second Trimester: tired, happy, pain, tired

The tiredness didn’t lift this time, life was busy and I didn’t have much chance to rest. From about 20 weeks I also started to experience crippling back pain in one hip and down my leg, some days I would be in tears as I fetched my daughter from nursery after work and made my way home.

Third Trimester: pain, tired, big

By 28 weeks I had severe SPD and I could barely walk for longer than 1o  minutes, it was painful and slow so I stopped work and tried my best to look after a very active almost three year old. I was on crutches by this point and I started seeing a chiropractor to ease the pain.

The tiredness continued and I remember trying to persuade my daughter to have afternoon quiet time to let me nap – she became good friends with the Tweenies and Barnie the bloody dinosaur for a few weeks.

We planned for another homebirth and had, again, booked the pool and the TENS machine. I remember reaching a point towards the end of my pregnancy where I had had enough, I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore, I was so ready to meet my baby!

I experienced several days of niggles and minor contractions before I went into labour and I was given a much needed boost by the community midwife.

My second daughter arrived into the world at home  at 39 weeks.

The good stuff

I loved my bump and feeling my baby move and change position. I trusted my body and my instincts and I made the decisions that I felt were right for me.

Anything I would change

I wish I had seen a chiropractor earlier in my pregnancy because it might have prevented me from becoming so immobile and in so much pain.

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