Pregnancy Stories

 pregnancy stories

Everyone loves a birth story but what about a pregnancy story – these can be just as unique and I thought it could be useful to hear some different pregnancy stories.

I am starting with my own pregnancies but I would love to share yours too as I know they will be of interest to other mums…

My first pregnancy

My first pregnancy was planned but it was a great surprise to fall pregnant straight away and I went from being full of desire for a baby to absolute fear and full of shock that I was having a baby, I was pregnant, I was growing a baby, life was going to change, I was going to have to be a grown up.

First Trimester: tired, happy, worried

And then I started to feel so tired and sick that I couldn’t care less about being a grown up I just wanted to get through the day without being sick or falling asleep. Or without a bleed –  fear of miscarriage was high and I desperately wanted to get past my 12 week scan.

Work was also fun –  washed out, sick and tired with a need for the loo about every 20 minutes. Home-time and a date with my duvet couldn’t come fast enough!

Second Trimester: lovely, energetic, well, happy

 After my 12 week scan and when we started telling people about our pregnancy, I felt happy, hopeful and proud. I felt special and I wanted to read everything I could about pregnancy and birth.

We booked our antenatal classes and I read as well as I could – Spiritual Midwifery and everything by Sheila Kitzinger – and I started to feel very proud of my body to be able to do this amazing thing.

I loved my growing bump and feeling my baby move.

Third Trimester: big, wonderful, amazing but also uncomfortable

I loved my enormous bump, feeling my baby move about, kick and stretch. We were booked for a homebirth, the pool was booked, the TENS was booked, we had the support of my fabulous community midwife and I felt as prepared as I would ever be for what was to come.

Everyone around me challenged me about the homebirth – unsafe, putting my baby in danger, I wouldn’t be able to stand the pain, blah, blah, blah. I felt I was doing what felt right for me and my baby – I had a strong urge to use water and, at the time, there was only one birthing pool in the area – at the RVI – and I wanted a greater level of control about being able to use water.

I started my maternity leave when I was 34 weeks pregnant – I strongly suspected my baby was going to come ‘early’ and I wanted a bit of time to get ready, to finish my counselling training course and to rest when I needed to.

My beautiful baby girl came into the world at home when I was 38 weeks pregnant.

The good stuff:

Once I was over the first few weeks, I loved being pregnant. I loved my bump and I was proud of it.

My pregnancy provided me with the opportunity to learn about myself and to start to trust my instincts so it was a very positive experience.

Anything I would change? 

I wish I had been more active apart from walking – swimming would have been good but with work, college and growing a baby I simply couldn’t be arsed.

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