Rae’s almost there – only a few weeks to go now!

I’m Rae, 36 years old and married to Peter. I am a mum to two sons, Henry aged 4 and Zachary aged 18 months, and step-mum to two girls aged 15 and 12. I’m also pregnant with my third child.


8th August – 25 weeks

 I’ve now passed the 24 week ‘viability’ mark – which is a great feeling. I’m aware of more movements too and I’m starting to get a little uncomfortable at night too. Otherwise, I have to say, I’m doing pretty well. Though I could do with more sleep – always more sleep!

Summer holidays are lovely here – and it’s so nice that the sun has decided to shine at long last. We’ve had lots of trips out – to the beach, to the Rising Sun Country Park, to various museums and exhibitions. We’re very lucky living in an area where there is so much to do. Especially when so much of it is cheap or free! Eve and Viv are here for two weeks, which is lovely – the boys adore their big sisters and they are great at entertaining them. The flip side is it means far more food, cooking, washing and tidying!

Henry learned to ride a ‘big boy’ pedal bike at the weekend. It was lovely to see, and I did have a full on Proud Mummy Moment. He’s had a balance bike since he was three and was a demon on that so we encouraged him to try a ‘proper’ bike. He wasn’t keen at first but picked it up really quickly.

I’m now booked on to one of Janine’s Birth Preparation Days in October, which I’m thoroughly looking forward to. I did a course of her ante natal classes when I had Henry and it was lovely meeting other parents-to-be. We’re still in touch now and have managed to plan subsequent babies at the same time too (or maybe it was more serendipity than planning!!). For my second pregnancy I attended Relax and Breathe which was lovely – a fantastic opportunity to have some ‘me time’ to concentrate just on me and my bump. It sounds crazy, but with subsequent children, it’s easy to forget that you’re pregnant and going to have another one, so that hour is really precious. This time, I will probably Relax and Breathe again, but I also want to attend a Birth Preparation Day – I’m looking forward to meeting other mothers-to-be, making new friends and thinking and talking about babies and birthing.

Next week all six of us are away on holiday. We’re only going to North Yorkshire (any tips on great places to visit gratefully received), but my parents-in-law and sister- and brother-in-law (and their two) are also going, so it’s a family affair. We’re looking forward to it. I’m hoping I can divvy up chores and might get a chance to relax a little too….



 26th August – 28 weeks

 We’ve had a lovely, lovely holiday – back home to earth with a bump though. The boys really miss their big sisters when they go; if only they lived nearer. We had some lovely days out making much use of our National Trust membership. I’ll be honest (if old-sounding) though: it’s LOVELY to be back in our own (super kingsize!) bed!

I’m feeling fine – but still exhausted, which is making me grumpy with everyone (or perhaps, more accurately more grumpy than usual!). It’s not so much that I feel sleepy, but more that any physical exertion leaves me feeling exhausted. I feel fine once I’ve had a bit of a sit down, but that’s not always easy with two small children and a house to look after. I’ve started taking Floradix in an effort to perks me up. I really hope it’s worth it; it tastes vile!

I definitely feel ‘heavily pregnant’ now. My stomach is bigger than my boobs – and that’s saying something. I’m very aware that this is my last pregnancy so I really want to appreciate it. I love the fact that I’m obviously pregnant, I love the fact that my huge belly makes everything look proportionally smaller, I love the fact that I’m growing another person. I’m a little sad that this is the last time I’ll do it, even if it is exhausting. It also means I feel a bit guilty if I moan, and makes me feel I’ve got to do everything ‘right’.

As this is my last chance, I’m determined to do everything this time! I’ve not had a baby shower before, so some friends have very kindly offered to organise one for me. I want to have a bump cast made and possibly do some Henna painting on it too. When I was pregnant with Zachary I had some wonderful bump photography shots done, so I’d like to do that again.

It’s lovely to be see how much more aware Henry is of this pregnancy vs. Zachary’s. He was two and a half when his baby brother was born so didn’t really understand it. This time he gets it far more. He’s suggesting names (I don’t think we’ll be giving him the final choice!) and he can understand the time scales far better. He loves sitting and feeling the baby kick. I feel a bit sorry for Zachary that he’s missing it in a way, but my age meant we didn’t want to wait too much longer before having our third.

It’s my 28 week midwife appointment this week. I haven’t seen my midwife since 16 weeks – with subsequent pregnancies the appointments seems far less, especially in the first and second trimester. To be honest, I’ve been fine and I know I can always give her a call if I feel I need extra appointments or anything.

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