The shock of my body after birth

I remember the first time I gave birth – the labour & birth was brillliant, I was amazed at the power of my body to be able to contract and birth my baby, I was proud of my body and what it was capable of. But I wasn’t prepared for my body after pregnancy and birth, it felt deflated and alien to me – my bump was saggy, my boobs were leaking, I couldn’t sit comfortably because of my stitches and, as I had just pushed an 8lb baby out of my body, my fanny was saggy and stretched as well. I felt beaten out of shape, I felt confused by how my body looked and felt.

Just as nothing truly prepared me for the reality of my first birth, nothing prepared me for how my body felt after giving birth.

It definitely surprised me as to how different I felt and, of course, it is so unique for every woman but I don’t think I had expected to feel so beaten up, swollen and saggy, for it to hurt when I peed, to prefer to pee in the bath, to be unable to sit comfortably, to be scared of damaging my stitches, to unable to walk far without being in agony and feeling like my insides were going to fall out everytime I stood up.
It didn’t last long and I was fighting fit again in no time at all (apart from the exhaustion of life with a non sleeping baby of course), the discomfort went, the sagginess went and I got used to my body again with its new marks and I even grew to love my large, leeking boobs!

How did you feel about your body after giving birth?




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