toddler milk is big business

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There was an article in yesterday’s Guardian about toddler milk and it comes as no surprise that toddler milks can contain more sugar and less calcium that cows’ milk.

But what does come as a surprise is, according to a survey by the consumer group Which?, 46% of mothers with a child aged over one use toddler milk as an alternative to normal cows’ milk.

The power of marketing by huge companies never fails to amaze me because parents have been convinced that this milk is needed when babies over one can drink cows’ milk – according to Which?, the formula market is worth around £359million a year, and toddler milks are the fastest-growing sector.

And it is big business  – The Guardian article screams: Toddler Milk Is A Waste Of Money – Which? estimates that parents are spending £593 on toddler milks when they could just be spending £62 on cows’ milk!

Toddler milks contain more iron and Vitamin D than cows’ milk but, surely, with a healthy, balanced diet these nutrients can be easily found –  chuck some eggs, fish, green veg, cereal, whole wheat bread and dried apricots into the mix and you’re sorted.

I’m all for choice but I just don’t believe that toddler milks have been produced for the benefit of our children, they are simply another product that has been created to make profit for huge companies. The job of the marketing departments is to convince parents that their children need them and, sadly, it looks like it’s working.

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