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After the success of her Baby Yoga classes, Stacey from Much Loving Touch extended her training to be able to provide Toddler Yoga – fun and beneficial classes for older babies, toddlers and parents.

Where & when do the sessions run: 

Shiremoor Library on Saturdays: 10-11am

Who is it for: 

Crawling babies to 2.5 years old with mum, dad or another member of the family; as well as with childminders and nannies

Class size: 

6-10 children

How long is a class?: 

45 minutes

How much is a course?:

It is £6 per session – you pay for a course of 5 or 6 weeks. Discounts are available for childminders, nannies, siblings and twins.

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What are the benefits?

It is all about child-led movement and activities. Each session is themed to provide an
opportunity for learning and development:

Using imagination

Learning body parts

Telling stories

Developing their balance, co-ordination, sitting and ability to hold and use a pencil.

Play and games so the sessions are fun while learning and
using yoga moves and boosting development

Encourages relaxation for parents and children with quiet
time after being active

Improves body awareness in children

toddler yoga

Did you know?

Rolling helps children to sit

Inversion yoga poses boosts your baby’s balance and coordination

Spinning around boosts their ability to write

Repetition is key for children to enahnce their learning

This is not just a one off course, your child will benefit from weekly
yoga sessions


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About Stacey

I am a mother to 2 gorgeous children and when I was on maternity leave with my daughter I decided to train as a Baby Yoga Teacher and an Infant Massage Instructor. Having attended these classes myself I wanted to experience sharing these great baby classes with other families. I also possess a wealth of knowledge about  child development after working within Early Years for 7 years and keeping myself up to date with new practices and principles.

I am very passionate about Much Loving Touch and the classes it provides for new parents, I love to empower both Mums and Dads and I always welcome the Man in every babies life to all classes.