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As your baby grows and turns into a toddler, the fun and the challenges can change. These pages are not about shoulds, musts or rules they are about information, support and ideas…


Life with our children is a constant state of change – as they grow and develop, the challenges and their behaviour can shift. Toddlers are a complex mix of fun and meltdowns – they are constantly learning, they are becoming aware of the world and aware of themselves. They are developing wants and likes and their personality is developing.

I always struggled with what to do for the best – when to discipline, how to discipline, what did they understand, what was the right balance? I eventually learnt to pick my battles and, as any other parent needs to do, found what worked for us. It was another time of learning that there is no right or perfect way, we still make it up as we go along but we do need a little more consistency when it comes to toddlers learning what is acceptable or not.


It can be useful to know more about development and behaviour, in order to understand tantrums. Food and sleep can also become areas of conflict – toddlers learn about power and pushing our buttons so they can start to be fussy with food and bedtimes.

Toddlers are full of energy and they usually need to be entertained, distracted and amused from morning til night so ideas for play, books and getting out and about can also be a sanity saver.

There’s also the practical issues like when your toddler learns to use a potty or the toilet as well as adjusting to life with a new baby if your family grows.

Remember that toddlers are emotional creatures and if you are left wondering what on earth you did wrong when your toddler has another meltdown, just head here


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