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During your pregnancy there are a range antenatal classes available to help you feel fitter, stronger and better prepared for the birth of your bab

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To boost your fitness and physical strength

Pregnancy yoga  and pregnancy pilates sessions can encourage you to spend some time focusing on you. Regular sessions during your pregnancy can help you to feel in shape as your body grows and changes. It can also enable you to get used to using your breathing to relax your body.


Aquanatal classes are also a great way to stay in shape during your pregnancy.




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For relaxation and stress management


Pregnancy yoga and pilates will enable you to relax and there are also Relax & Breathe sessions. These monthly relaxation sessions are easy to slot into your busy life and they can work well with any other classes you may be attending.

Relax & Breathe for Pregnant Women at the Birth & Baby Family Centre can be attended throughout your pregnancy. Online support is also on the way.


For pregnancy support and birth preparation

 Good information , support and skills to stay calm and comfortable in labour can be an important way to feel better prepared for the birth of your baby.
With small group workshops and one to one consultations, Birth & Baby antenatal sessions are parent focused, giving you the chance to ask all the questions you need to feel less anxious, better prepared and able. 

And, as these sessions are tailored to meet your needs, you will gain support for a Caesarean, an induction or a natural labour and it doesn’t matter if you are expecting your first baby or your fifth – if you need support, Birth & Baby is here to provide it.

You can attend with your partner to find out more about Birth, Breathing & Baby.



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